Services Through PartnershipServices Through Partnership

Services Through Partnership

The Joseph Center Partners with others to bring hope to those in need. Read below to see details.

The Compass Center offers Character for Life classes every Tuesday from 11am to 12pm at The Joseph Center. This is a character development program that targets 48 different characters values. Classes focus on one value each week in a one-hour discussion format that allows individuals to express themselves, hear and respond to new ideas from others and apply the principles through specific action steps. The programs walk individuals through for significant life categories including: • Learning to take responsibility for themselves • New points of view and problem solving • Being and agent of change • Teamwork and being a positive influence on others

Front Range Clinic is available every Tuesday from 9am to 11am and provides low barrier high access medications for addiction treatment. (MAT Services) Excepting Medicaid/ Medicare and most commercial insurances.

Pathways Family Wellness Center is available every other Tuesday from 9am to 12pm at the Joseph Center. The program serves those in Mesa County who are homeless, been homeless, or have housing insecurity. Building the gap in healthcare to provide a medical home.

Phoenix Transitional Housing Program is a two-year transitional program for veterans, who are rebuilding after prolonged homelessness.

A Few Services Through Partnership:

  • The Compass Center
  • Front Range Clinic
  • Pathways Family Wellness Center
  • Phoenix Transitional Housing Program
  • G.A.P. is a financial assistance program to help assist those who are sustainable in transition. This program is contingent upon available funding.