The Golden Girls ProjectThe Golden Girls Project

The Golden Girls Project

Open Tuesday - Friday from 9am - 1pm

Provide temporary shelter and support services to empower homeless women 50+ in Mesa County.

Golden Girls Project was created in 2020 by The Joseph Center to provide shelter for unhoused middle aged to elderly women 50+. While waiting for SSI/Disability benefits, survivor benefits, securing employment, and securing permanent housing, Our Golden Girls can be housed free of charge for up to 6 months. The Apartment is a large three-bedroom space with a maximum of 8 beds. Guests have access to a kitchen, bathroom, shower, television, and internet.

An intake form is required to be accepted into the Golden Girls program, please visit the referral form under forms at the top of the page.

The Golden Girls Project Provides:

  • Onsite health clinic available on the last Wednesday of every month
  • Onsite case management
  • DHS program navigation
  • Resource Assistance
  • Lost document assistance
  • Long term care Assistance
  • Housing Assistance